Cluster intellectual property protection and prevention against trademark counterfeiting


Cluster for intellectual property protection and prevention against trademark counterfeiting is registered under the legal form of a limited liability company" G Pro Group "Ltd. in early 2013, but the interaction between companies exists for several years.


The Company's property and organizationally separate object in business, through which members pool their efforts for doing business in the field of protection of intellectual property and the protection of registered trademarks, and training of personnel for this activity, conducting information campaigns known to stakeholders, the risks of malicious replacement of intellectual property, trademarks and products.


Main products / services:

The object of the company is to increase the competitiveness of its members by promoting investments in technology and skills. Operates in the field of prevention of abuse of trademarks in upgrading production technologies. Training of personnel of managerial and professional staff, the development of services and expansion of market share and positions of members of the association, as well as attracting new cluster members. Protection of intellectual property, protection of trademarks and products, and any other activity prohibited by law.

Organisations in the cluster combine their efforts to create products that protect intellectual property, trademarks and products, and introduced through information campaigns and training workshops, stakeholders, mainly manufacturers and owners of trademarks with the risks of replacement of their goods.





"EXEL" Ltd.


"EXEL 2005" Ltd.

"DIXI 3" Ltd.

"N & G CONSULT" Ltd.


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